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I have been using Cachly for s a few weeks now. Groundspeak is in the process of getting rid of their Classic App so I needed something new. A friend said this is working well for her so I dropped the money and gave it a spin. It appears to do everything the Classic App did and a few more. Some of the layout takes some getting used to. But it is worth the trouble.

Best geocaching app available

Ive used many geocaching apps since I started in 2011 and nothing comes close to cachly when it comes to availability of features, reliability and ease of use. Keep up the good work!

Love it!!!

I am one of those gruntled geocachers who really loved her classic ap and was forced to begin searching for a replacement as of march 17. I cautiously decided to pay the $5 as I had already paid $10 for the classic and am a yearly premium member. I am so HAPPY that I did for cachly! It offers things I had hoped the classic would eventually update to but never did... like the in ap translation!! I live in Europe where caching in a different country is just a few hour road trip away. Translation within the ap itself saves a good 6 steps in caching PER cache search! In fact, I lost interest in caching at all for about six months because translating between descriptions, logs, and hints became so time consuming to do. With cachly I literally add two clicks, I never leave the ap itself, and it does the rest! SO MUCH easier! I now have a renewed fire for my favorite hobby just by this feature alone! I also love that I can take photos, and send/post them without ever leaving the ap. I havent fumbled my way through all the features yet as Im still finding my way around it, but so far I am loving everything I am seeing! I would like to add Id love a feature to be added in a future update perhaps: to be alerted to newly available souvenirs through the ap as well. Not geographical ones, but the ones that are specific to certain dates to be achieved... a star or something on the souvenir icon to alert cachers out in the field of a new souvenir challenge, who otherwise may not know until hindsight. For are casual cachers who are not signed up for emails or blog updates, or who may only cache with sporadic downtime when traveling for business etc, this would be a very helpful and appreciated feature. Thanks for all you do and keep the awesomeness coming!

Great app for a great price!

I love this app! Feature rich, responsive developers, offline map functionality, and just a joy to use. And at $4.99, this app is tremendous deal. I cant believe some people are complaining about this price. Folks, this app costs less than my coffee consumption on a single day of geocaching, and a lot less than gas money. If you love geocaching, youll love this program. All due respect to the Groundspeak folks, but their app does not compare.

The Ultimate Geocachers Tool

In light of current events with the Classic Geocaching app losing support, I was forced here to Cachly but I can now say I wish I had started here from the beginning. It offers features Ive been hoping for for years that Groundspeak continually fails to offer. Its a must-have for any Geocacher and is more than worth the price tag. You wont regret getting this app!

So far so good...

Ive been very pleased so far. Very short learning curve after using the Classic app for years. Accuracy seems to work well on my phone all w/in the margin of error.

Way Better than the new Groundspeak App

Incredibly well designed 3rd party app that has several features that the new app doesnt have.

This app is brilliant!

Just used the app for the first time. It is so easy to use and has many excellent features that the soon-to-be archived classic geocaching app never had. I am truly delighted to have found this true innovation in geocaching technology. TFTA (Thanks For The App)

Best Geocaching app for iPhone

Holy cow! This is everything the official app should be! Light years ahead of the official app. Im still learning the ropes of this app and being a new Geocaching premium member so I cant give a detailed review but as a user of the old, official classic app and the new, official app I can tell you to TRY THIS APP! You wont be disappointed.

Not the answer

Like many others I listened to the good reviews about this alternative to Groundspeak and their greed. I paid $5 and had no idea that there is a $30 annual membership if you intended to hunt more than 3 caches per day because that is needed to download the full cache description including hints. The app works fine, but the greed continues. This borders on false advertising since in-app (membership) purchases dont appear to be disclosed in the App Store description

Great app

Ive been using the Groundspeak app for many years but its going away so it was time for a change. This app is so much better than their new offering that the replacement app choice was easy. While navigating to the first cache using Cachly, I found that it integrates seamlessly with my preferred nav app, Waze .. an unexpected bonus. This app has everything I want and more.

Better with Premium membership

This app is easy to use and does a lot of what the original GC app did. However, unless you pay for a premium Geocache membership, you can only get full access to three caches per day. It is otherwise just as limited as the "Free" version of the new GC app. This app is not a wholesale replacement for the Groudspeak app as it works best if youve paid for membership anyway. I do not plan to pay again, so my caching days are probably at an end.

Liking Cachly

Ive been using the Geocaching app, but read many complaints about the newest version, so I tried Cachly. Its very intuitive, easy to use, and downloads caches at lightning speed! I really like that it shows when a cache was last found and a quick indicator of the last five logs, including found and DNF. Also like how it shows my DNFs on the map. Two suggestions for improvement are 1) landscape view and 2) ability to view a larger map area of caches.

Love this app!

So much better than anything else out there, this app is nearly perfect! Definitely worth the $4.99 investment!

Fantastic app, but...

This app is a great alternative to the old official paid geocaching app that is going away. It has loads of features I wish that app would have had. But it constantly needs calibration and that gets super annoying. If it wasnt for that Id give it 5 stars.

Really excellent

I had been using the free geocaching app up until this point but the interface and availability of features on cachely trumps it by a wide margin. Love saving field notes to upload later. Love offline mode. Thanks for a great app!

Cachly Gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️s!!!

Got Introduced To CACHLY From An Instagram Geocaching Friend. Downloaded It And I Swear That This Is a The BEST Thing For Any Geocachers!!! Id Pay More For It If I Had To!!! So Worth It!!! Thanx CACHLY For This Amazing App!!!


I find this app awesome, thank you.

So much better than the new app from Groundspeak

The built in translation feature alone is worth the price - this will save me hours of copy & pasting. Very intuitive and great support for offline & deferred logs. Excellent repertoire of map types including my favorite, OpenCycle. If youre frustrated by the new official app, this is well worth the price.

Great app

Much more user friendly than the Geocaching app. Also had many features that the website has that the app doesnt. Wish i would have found this one sooner!

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