Cachly - Geocaching App Reviews

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Great app !

We are beginners at geocaching and this is a great app to use. Simple to use and looks great.

awesome app

very happy with this app way better than an official GC app. way more useful features and love the ability to see a cache in a glimpse. one thing i would like to see added is when you log TBs and when you already save it it would show if it is visiting or being dropped off. few times i have accidentally selected to drop a TB off instead of visit and had to reclaim it. it would also be nice to see souvenirs :) over all awesome app. well done !

Awesome app

This is probably the best geocaching app ever! It is totally worth the money!

Best there is.

Since the beginning this app has been getting better leaps and bounds over the official GC app. The creator Nic has been great at taking user feedback and suggestions and actually giving geocachers what theyre looking for. Great features and friendly interface. Its always nice to be able to jump on a new app and immediately figure out how it works. For iPhone there is no comparison and this is THE app that you need. Its only getting better and better!

Great update! 2.0 is awesome!!!

This app was already amazing, but this recent update has added several quality of life enhancements and Im really happy. Nice one.

Love cachly

I heard a podcast raving about this app and how much better it was than the Groundspeak app so I figured I would give it a try. Fabulous app. I do a fair amount of travel and love the offline maps feature and the easy translation feature for cache descriptions and hints in a foreign language. Highly recommend.

Wonderful app with great support from developer

I have been using Cachly as my main geocaching app on my iPhone and it does everything I need plus more. The biggest thing is ability to download caches and maps offline so I can geocache without using any data. Logging caches and photos is easy and simple. I had one issue with the app and I contact the developer for help. It was quick response and together we got the problem fixed. This is the app I recommend to everyone for geocaching on an iPhone.

Great features

The ability to download caches from multiple sources for offline use, save logs for uploading at a later time, and upload multiple photos with a log makes this a superior app! Great features and easy to use. Thanks

Great features!

I just downloaded this app, and it is awesome! Love the DNF blue sad faces to keep track of ones Ive looked for already but couldnt find. Also love that mystery caches Ive solved new coords for show up in the actual location, instead of the geo art formation! Excited to go find geo art much more easily!! :D


Great app so far. Lots of features. Better than the new geocaching app

Used the original Geocaching app for 4 years

Everything I loved about the Geocaching Classic app. Works great on my iPhone 7. Thanks!

The best

This is the best program for geocaching. BuffOpera


Great app. Better than original app.

Great app, better than official one

I normally dont review, but this one is exceptional. The app is great under every functionality!


I have to say, I am a beginner of geocaching, but just opening the app was awesome. It finds tons of geocaches around you and you can set waypoints to them etc. Best geocaching app by far.

My Go To Geocaching App

This app has nearly all of the features I want and need. There are so many cool features its hard to list them all but number one would be just the look and feel. And it can only get better! Must have app for me!

2 words... User Friendly

What an outstanding geocaching tool. Its worth every penny for the content and user-friendly setup. And the best thing is, it continues to evolve through user feedback.


Love this app! So much better than the new Geocaching App they will force us to use soon. This one has much more info on one page & is easier to navigate. Glad I downloaded it!

Awesome caching app!

I am really loving this caching app. Its very simple, yet complex enough for what I would like it to do. Well worth the money spent.

Better than groundspeak by a mile

So many more options than the groundspeak app. Thank you for making it so easy and not needing multiple apps to have a great day caching.

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