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Cachly - Geocaching app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6752 ratings )
Navigation Entertainment
Developer: Zed Said Studio LLC
4.99 USD
Current version: 4.1, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 11 Dec 2015
App size: 31.69 Mb

Cachly is a simple and powerful Geocaching app for iOS that includes many advanced features that include the following:

- Geocaching account
Cachly uses the Geocaching Live API so that you can login with your account and see all of your information.

- FTF!
Show available FTFs on the map so you can be the first to grab the find!**

- Find Caches
Current location, coordinates, search for a location, or GC code. *Basic member restrictions apply. Some features only show for Premium users.

See all your blue frowns and turn those into smilies!

- Offline Vector Maps
Maps can be saved for offline use using powerful offline capabilities using OpenStreet vector maps.

- Offline caches
Save caches to offline lists for use anywhere!

- Offline filtering
Filter lists of caches by attributes and other cache data

- Bulk log upload
Upload all your pending logs at once!

- Translate
Translate cache descriptions, hints, and logs from any language to any language.

- Map Options
Choose from Apple Maps, Google Maps, Ordnance Survey and OpenStreet Map online or offline vector maps

- Import & Export GPX
Import GPX files from Dropbox, iTunes, email and other apps or export and share a GPX of any caches.

- Advanced Search
Search for user finds, hides, exclude your finds and hides and so much more.

- Advanced Sorting
Sort the found caches by type, container, size, trackables and many other sort types.

- Navigate to Cache
Find the directions and route to the cache using Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Sygic, Navigon, Tom Tom, Gaia and Pocket Earth.

- Log Caches/Trackables now or later
Log them now or save them and send later.

- Log Keywords
Set default text for logs as well as use keyword replacements for common text such as cache code, date, etc.

- Souvenirs
See your user Souvenirs as well as other users.

- Trackables
Drop multiple trackables into a cache

- Multiple Image Upload
Upload multiple photos to logs

- Pocket Queries
Download and view Pocket Queries offline.

- Bookmark Lists
View your bookmark lists and add caches to them. View other users bookmarks as well!

- Waypoints
Create user waypoints as well as set a corrected coordinates.

- User Profiles
View Finds, Hides, Logs, User Gallery and much much more.

- More features
Cachly includes loads of other feature that make it the best Geocaching app out there!

*Basic members of geocaching are limited to returning only Traditional geocaches, Pocket Queries are not available, and Custom Search is limited. Basic members are also limited to loading 3 full caches per 24 hour period. This is not a restriction of Cachly, but of the Geocaching platform.

**Premium feature

Pros and cons of Cachly - Geocaching app for iPhone and iPad

Cachly - Geocaching app good for

We are beginners at geocaching and this is a great app to use. Simple to use and looks great.
very happy with this app way better than an official GC app. way more useful features and love the ability to see a cache in a glimpse. one thing i would like to see added is when you log TBs and when you already save it it would show if it is visiting or being dropped off. few times i have accidentally selected to drop a TB off instead of visit and had to reclaim it. it would also be nice to see souvenirs :) over all awesome app. well done !
This is probably the best geocaching app ever! It is totally worth the money!
Since the beginning this app has been getting better leaps and bounds over the official GC app. The creator Nic has been great at taking user feedback and suggestions and actually giving geocachers what theyre looking for. Great features and friendly interface. Its always nice to be able to jump on a new app and immediately figure out how it works. For iPhone there is no comparison and this is THE app that you need. Its only getting better and better!
This app was already amazing, but this recent update has added several quality of life enhancements and Im really happy. Nice one.
I heard a podcast raving about this app and how much better it was than the Groundspeak app so I figured I would give it a try. Fabulous app. I do a fair amount of travel and love the offline maps feature and the easy translation feature for cache descriptions and hints in a foreign language. Highly recommend.

Some bad moments

Do not pay for this app! My daughter downloaded a free app and it had the exact same information! This app offers nothing Worth $4.99. You can get "extra info", but on only 3 geos before you have to pay for a membership! Why did I pay for this app?!
Like many others I listened to the good reviews about this alternative to Groundspeak and their greed. I paid $5 and had no idea that there is a $30 annual membership if you intended to hunt more than 3 caches per day because that is needed to download the full cache description including hints. The app works fine, but the greed continues. This borders on false advertising since in-app (membership) purchases dont appear to be disclosed in the App Store description
Finally found my favorite geocaching app. Very powerful but easy to use. Thanks!
Love how streamlined this app is. Tired of all the other clunky apps for geocaching. And how about those features?! Sweet!
This app has everything the "official" (and $$) app has, but fortunately a lot more! I love the integration of Google or iPhone maps to give driving directions to the cache, the responsive and smoother loading maps, and even the ability to load custom .gpx files! Love it!
I’m not entirely sure what this app gets me that the free one doen’t (since I have a paid membership) but for something I use a few times a week $5 is cheap for a very slick interface. I have a few requests, and the author has an interactive way to post those in the website.. Hope to see them soon :)

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